So many lessons here.

First, hot things are hot, I burned the crap out of my index finger and its all super horrible.

Second, Siser Easyweed is a superior product it layers nicer, its thinner and sees to bond better, and it doesnt leave adhesive trails. Easyweed is way better Than the cricut stuff. I have had good luck with the HTV I got from ShopCraftables as well. Their regular vinyl is also pretty good.

Third, if you have the right tool, use the right tool. I pressed the hat using the clover II mini iron and on the back it was the right tool but my cheap heat press came with a hat attachment and I should have used that with the large decal because I wrinkled it using the mini iron. To be fair, I had already burned my finger at that point and was just pissed off in general. The hat I chose is old and so thankfully I dont actually care all that much.

and finally, I had to recreate the artwork from scratch so I wanted to test and see how an imported SVG would work. I used illustrator to create the file, so I got very clean vectors and made a layer for each color. SVG which was a method I had mostly given up on seemed to work well and unlike in previous attempts it actually made the designated path instead of trying to convert it on its own. More testing is needed for this.

  • Fourth A
    make sure there is some kind of registration in the layer so you can align when you assemble
  • Fourth B
    the cricut design space software will separate the cuts by color but if you dont attach the like colors it will try and maximize space totally screwing up your project.
  • Fourth C
    not everything scales well and different sizes may require you to modify the artwork to maintain a good representation

There you have it, so many things that I can take away from this, I also had to make the stark industries logo so it is very likely that I will use these again on either a shirt or a hoodie. All in all I’m pretty happy with the results and will try and use only easy weed in the future.